Monday, March 3, 2008

Various Artists - Living Bridge (***1/2)

25 track compilation of bands recorded exclusively at Rare Book Room studio, kicking off a record label of the same name with this 2 hour set of oft-entrancing music. The first disc is almost uniformly excellent, with tracks from experimental luminaries such as Avey Tare, Black Dice and Samara Lubelski, not to mention a show-stopping inclusion from the Silver Jews. Disc 2 is all over the map however, with a number of the set's later songs falling flat, yet it still features it's fair share of standouts from the likes of Rings, Deerhunter, Enon and La Lus. So yeah, it's not No New York or anything, but holding any compilation to that standard would be a little unfair, right?

Highlights: Avey Tare - "I'm Your Eagle Kisser", Telepathe - "I Can't Stand It", Black Dice - "Pig Pen", Tara Jane O'Neil - "Sunday Song", Silver Jews - "Self Ignition", Rings - "RIPeace", Deerhunter - "After Class"

Avey Tare - "I'm Your Eagle Kisser"

Samara Lubeski - "Ego Blossoms"

Blood on the Wall - "Lightning Song"

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