Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Re-Up Gang (Clipse) - We Got It For Cheap, Vol. 3 (***1/2)

Third entry in the Virginia posse's ongoing mixtape series, Vol. 3 stands as yet another lengthy deconstruction of coke hustling, record label politics and life on the streets from the world's foremost rap lyricists, Pusha-T and Malice aka Clipse. Disregard the final quarter of the mixtape, which features two extraneous solo cuts from Ab-Liva & Sandman, and you have a more than worthy follow-up to Vol. 2, the decade's most celebrated mixtape.

Highlights: "Re-Up Gang Intro", "Show You How to Hustle", "20k Money Making Brothers on the Corner", "Dey Know Yeyo", "Cry Now"

"Roc Boys"

"20k Money Making Brothers on the Corner"

"Rainy Dayz"

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