Friday, February 8, 2008

"There Will Be Blood" Roundup #2

And it continues....

It looks like Paramount has noticed the phenomenon that is Daniel Day-Lewis' "I drink your milkshake" line and ran with it, sending employees out door-to-door with actual milkshakes and promo cards (pictured below) to help entice Academy voters into honoring P.T. Anderson's latest opus. I don't know if stuff like this actually works (it seemed to help the Little Miss Sunshine folks last year with those little yellow buses), but it is funny nonetheless. (via Red Carpet District)

And now we have David Spade impersonating Daniel Plainview and running down the myriad reasons why he should be the Best Actor winner of 2007. I particularly enjoyed the jab at "Michael Gayton". (from Awards Daily via Funny or Die)

If you missed Part I, catch up here. At this pace, Part III can't be far behind...

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