Monday, February 25, 2008

Record Reviews/Ratings

I post a good deal about music here on Stereo Sanctity, yet I only devote full-fledged reviews to movies, as I listen to way too many new records to ever keep this blog up to date with them all. But now that the Oscar season is over and I there is less to talk about in regards to that, I figured I'd at the very least feature star ratings for most of the new albums I come across. I probably won't give too much commentary or thoughts on each one, simply because I haven't the time, but I will try to include videos, streams, MP3s and maybe even an RIYL line in case you aren't privy to the band in question. Considering this is February 25th, I am already quite behind, so look for a deluge of new album posts within the next week or so until I catch up.

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