Monday, February 11, 2008

Live - Black Lips @ the Detriot Bar; Costa Mesa, CA. 02/10/08

The Atlanta music scene had a breakout year in 2007, with bands such as Deerhunter, King Khan & BBQ Show, Mark Sultan and of course the Black Lips all breaking through on various levels, not to mention other like-minded dirty south artists such as Jay Reatard and Gringo Star also doing their thing, all blissfully unaware that garage rock is dead and buried.

It was the longest running and biggest stars of the scene, the Black Lips, who brought their notoriously raucous brand of scuzz-rock to Orange County last night however, on a seemingly never ending tour behind their two fantastic 2007 releases, Good Bad Not Evil and live album Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo, both of which made Stereo Sanctity's Top 100 Albums of '07 list. They mostly tore through songs from these two releases, although they did intersperse a number of lesser-known but equally great early tracks. Gone it seems are the days of uncontrollable urination and bloody drama at Lips shows, replaced here instead with gobs of spit and silly string. Regardless of the gimmicks or body fluids, it is simply impossible to control Black Lips die-hards, evidenced by young, stage dancing female fans and their hairy, greasy male counterparts bashing away at each others heads in the audience (which should help explain the quality/blurriness of a number of these pics).

It would all seem rather incidental if the tunes didn't stick however. Luckily, Black Lips have perfected their brand of 60s basement fuzz to the point where accusations of parody can only be regarded as jealously. Good luck finding another band who enjoys playing music for the sheer joy of it the way Black Lips do.

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