Sunday, February 3, 2008

Download: Clinic - "Free Not Free"

The UK maniacs known as Clinic return in '08 with yet another highly anticipated record, this time entitled (rather poetically), Do It. The record's first single "Free Not Free" is currently available for - what do ya know - free download from the band's website. The download includes the A-side single along with the B-side "Thor" and the accompanying artwork.

Clinic are one of the more interesting bands of the new millennium, exploding onto the scene back in 2001 with the amazing Internal Wrangler, still one of the decade's great musical accomplishments. Everything they have done since then has been rather hit and miss however - nothing outright bad mind you, but in light of their debut, somewhat disappointing. Based on this single though, I have a good feeling about Do It. Here's to hoping they regain their form this time around.

Download: Clinic - "Free Not Free" b/w "Thor"

Or check out the hallucinogenic video:

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