Monday, February 18, 2008

Can Ruby Dee Pull It Off?

Supporting Actress is by some distance the most mind numbing category going into this weekend's Academy Awards. Any of the 5 nominees could win it, and I feel that each is worthy in her own way. Cate Blanchett would pretty easily get my personal vote, but that's because I know and love Bob Dylan. Many voters may not realize how good of a performance they have on their hands. Plus, even more importantly, she won only 2 years ago. The Tilda Swinton wave of buzz had grown large since her win at the BAFTAs, while Amy Ryan won nearly every critic's award this winter. And then there is Ruby Dee, the respected veteran who took home the SAG for a performance that clocks in at only 5 minutes. She really was the best thing about the disappointing American Gangster, but 5 minutes in a 2 1/2 hour movie? No disrespect intended towards Dee, but she isn't exactly Judi Dench (Shakespeare in Love) or Beatrice Straight (Network), the two actresses whose Oscar winning mini-roles Dee's has been compared too. Anyway, you be the judge. Here is Dee's entire Oscar nominated performance clip, edited toegther rather choppily, but you get the point. If she wins it will most certainly be for the scene at the 2:45 mark. Great work, best scene in the film.

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Anonymous said...

i really don't see much of a performance here. besides the scene where she slaps denzel, ruby doesnt really have much to do in AG. personally, i'm rooting for Amy Ryan or Ronan. i dont think dee should win just cause she is a veteran and she is "due".