Monday, February 4, 2008

Animal Collective on "Take Away Show"

Animal Collective filmed a recent "Take Away Show" for La Blogotheque, performing street versions of hypnotic new track "Taste" and forgotten gem "Another White Singer". Of course, it is common knowledge by now that Animal Collective are frighteningly prolific, debuting new songs and releasing great albums simultaneously. To wit, their last record, Strawberry Jam (which placed at #2 on Stereo Sanctity's Best Albums of '07 list), coincided with a recent show of theirs I attended, where they played an early version of "Taste". Persumably it will show up on their forthcoming new EP or the rumored Strawberry Jam follow-up, which could see release this very year.

I'm glad they chose to feature "Another White Singer" here as well, as Danse Manatee is kinda considered the ugly stepchild of the AC discography, and is frequently dismissed as an early misstep. Here they tap out the spare song on a traffic cone, a shopping cart, an acoustic guitar and a metal security barrier, shedding new light on unfairly overlooked song. (from Daily Motion via Forkcast)


"Another White Singer"

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