Monday, January 21, 2008

There Will Be Controversy

Kris Tapley over at the Red Carpet District has the best write up on it, but long story short, Jonny Greenwood's sure-fire nomination There Will Be Blood score has been disqualified from Oscar contention. Here's the run down:

" The disqualification has been attributed to a designation within Rule 16 of the Academy's Special Rules for Music Awards (5d under "Eligibility"), which excludes "scores diluted by the use of tracked themes or other pre-existing music."

Greenwood's score contains roughly 35 minutes of original recordings and roughly 46 minutes of pre-existing work (including selections from the works of Arvo Pärt, as well as pieces in the public domain, such as Johannes Brahms' "Concerto in D Major"). Peripheral augmentation to the score included sporadic but minimal useage (15 minutes) of the artist's 2006 composition "Popcorn Superhet Receiver."

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