Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stream: Belong - "Late Night" (Syd Barrett cover)

I mentioned a couple weeks back that Belong had issued a free digital EP (which is still available btw), and that they would soon release a limited edition vinyl-only EP entitled Colorless Record. Well, now we have the first glimpse of the EP - which happens to consist of four "covers" - as P4K's imeem page has a uploaded a stream of Belong's re-interpretation of Syd Barrett's "Late Night". For those who aren't privy, the original track comes from the original Pink Floyd frontman's cult classic LP, The Madcap Laughs.

Of course, "cover" is used in the loosest sense of the word here, as the ambient duo judiciously layer swaths of droning guitar noise over top the alien transmissions of Barrett's "Late Night". There is just something about this band and their music that can transport me whenever I hear them. It's a feeling that I previously only associated with like minded artists such as Fennesz, Johann Johannsson or Stars of the Lid. In fact, with this being (as far I know) the debut of a voice in a Belong track, "Late Night" actually doesn't sound too far removed from a dronier Stars of the Lid track, as they also frequently pipe in obscure film samples and radio transmissions within their ambient sculptures to add subtle context. If this is what Belong has in store for their forthcoming full-length, considering me excited. (via Forkcast)

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twoism2 said...

you can listen and also buy the entire ep here:

It's really another solid effort!!