Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sean Penn in "Milk"

Oh No They Didn't has procured some leaked pics of Sean Penn in Gus Van Sant's upcoming Harvey Milk bio-pic, Milk. Considering the pedigree (Josh Brolin & Emile Hirsch are set to co-star) and the subject matter (according to IMDB, it tells "the story of California's first openly gay elected official...who was assassinated along with Mayor George Moscone by San Francisco Supervisor Dan White") it stands to reason that the film could me a major player come Oscar time next year.

I'm almost as excited about this as those two Steven Soderbergh directed Che Guevara bio-pics that will no doubt make a big critical splash this coming fall/winter. (from Awards Daily via ONTD via Oh La La Mag)

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E$don said...

he doesn't really look like Milk, but if anyone could pull it off i'd say it would be penn.