Sunday, January 20, 2008

what do you want me to say?

I probably shouldn't be posting on my day of birth, but even as I've been lost in a haze all day, I've still managed to see Randy Moss step ever closer towards his first ring, watch a mini marathon worth of Gilmore Girls, and as a treat for me and me alone, set aside some time to revisit one of my favorite records of all time, Emergency & I, by the almighty Dismemberment Plan.

It had to have been around 3 years since I last listened to it, and yet every moment remains so fresh in my mind, while at the same time being like my very first listen all those many years ago. Travis Morrison's lyrics are some of the densest, most head-spinningly original observations on day-to-day minutiae ever conceived. The CD booklet should be required reading for any high school or college level English class. Emergency & I came in at #8 on my list of the Best Records of the 1990s, but every time I listen to it, nothing else seems to compare. It's a perfect record - an aligning-of-the-stars moment where one of the most original bands of the era struck upon a sound so innovative that it has yet to duplicated. I've never heard anything else like it, and I probably never will.

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