Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boredoms' "Super Roots 9" Coming to America

According to a news report over at P4K, the legendary Japanoise collective Boredoms, known around these parts as the blue-tinted sun worshipers gracing Stereo Sanctity's homepage picture, have signed to venerable Chicago imprint Thrill Jockey. It's probably best not to expect a new record anytime soon, seeing as how eYe & Co. aren't exactly the most prolific bunch (their last studio record, Vision Creation Newsun, arrived in America waaaay back in 2001), but they will inaugurate their signing with the stateside release of 2007s live entry in the Super Roots series, Super Roots 9 (which, quite honestly, was arbitrarily ranked at #77 on my Best Albums of 2007 list). This is obviously great news for Boredoms enthusiasts like me who have been reliant on that 40 minute imeem stream of the record for the past 6 or 7 months. Which reminds me, have a listen...

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