Friday, November 16, 2007

Stream: Tim Hecker - "Atlas One"

What did we do for music before the internet? It's gettin harder and harder for me to remember. Well thank god we live in modern times, because if we didn't, those of us that aren't vinyl fetishists would be out of luck to hear a brand new piece from ambient/drone maestro Tim Hecker. This song is called "Atlas One" and it comes from his new 10" vinyl record Atlas. "Atlas One" is the A-side, and it's a ten minute, slowly evolving concoction of phased guitar, molasses drone and crackling flecks of static. It seems like a lost epilogue to his 2006 masterpiece Harmony in Ultraviolet. It's right in Hecker's wheelhouse and as expected it is flat out gorgeous. (big thanks to the Forkcast imeem page for this).

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reckoner said...

Well I love this. The man is a genius.