Friday, November 30, 2007

December @ Stereo Sanctity

And the time is upon us once again. Commencing next week will be my annual Best-of lists for 2007. As a result of the constant typing I will endure, regular posts will be minimized significantly. I will try and get to one more Race for the Prize column this weekend though, seeing as how every Oscar movie has finally been widely seen by critics. I'm not sure how my personal reviews will shape up however, but more than likely I will offer up truncated thoughts, or perhaps none at all if the film warrants. What you can expect though is an influx of links to critics top ten lists (both film and music), Golden Globe predictions and some fall-out commentary on the nominees. And of course the National Board of Review, which announces next Wednesday and kicks off the whole darn thing. We have made it indeed. Here is brief rundown of what you can expect at Stereo Sanctity though:

Dec. 3 - Best DVDs of 2007
Dec. 5th (hopefully) - Best Reissues & Compilations of 2007
Dec. 10 - 50 Best Songs of 2007
Dec. 17 - 100 Best Albums of 2007 (lord willing)
Dec. 24 - 10 Best Films of 2007

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