Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dusted Interviews The Capstan Shafts

...or more appropriately, Dusted's Raf Spielman interviews Dean Wells, the sole force behind lo-fi pop heroes The Capstan Shafts. Wells just released his 7th - and first widely available - full length record Environ Maiden to a nice critical round of applause, and not long ago finally decided to show his face to a live audience for the first time. Dusted even anointed the album as "the aughties answer to Bee Thousand." And while I wouldn't go that far, it is certainly one of the best pop records you will hear all year. Here's an excerpt:

"Dusted: Is there any kind of organization, thematic or musical, that decides what songs go on each album or EP, or are they more documents of what's happened in the duration since the last cd? And when do you decide an album or EP is done?

Wells: There’s always some vague concept, some book as it were. One idea makes two if it works and three if it fails. So they generally rush out, but the connections are deliberate and when I have enough on that theme that I can throw away half of them, then I consider the album done. Having said that I realize they are all boy/girl songs even if it’s a rant against public financing of elections or emminant domain. I'll be singing it to a neo-abstract- expressionist/constitutional lawyer biker chick with a child she never sees named Contrary or Ruin, she can't remember."

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