Monday, November 19, 2007

Awards Daily Launches "Sultans of Bling"

The best Oscar site in all the land has finally jumped on the bandwagon and launched their very own group think prediction charts. The difference between this and something like The Gurus of Gold or The Envelope's Buzzmeter is that the panel is made up entirely of long-time Awards Daily readers and posters. I have been an obsessed Awards Daily/ fan for nearly 5 years now, so I feel a certain affinity for the chosen few who have been picked to participate (where's the love though guys?). These guys know their stuff and the The Sultans of Bling look to be another valuable edition to the ever inflating Oscar watch community. Here they are with their inaugural charts. Everything looks as expected, except for the There Will Be Blood picks, which are no doubt due to the fact that this chart represents last weeks opinions, before word got out that the film probably won't float the conservative Academy's boat.


sartre said...

Thanks for the shout out Jordan. You would be a very worthy addition to the Sultans. Cool site by the way. Glad to see you're a Jesse fan.

I've seen 2 cinematic masterpieces in the past couple of months - Jesse and TWbB. I'm loathed to say one is better than the other. First equal for me.

Stereo Sanctity said...

Thanks sartre. Jesse is certainly a masterpiece on all levels. It's disappointing that the release got botched so badly, although I don't know if the film would have done much business either way.

I am dying to see TWbB. Going into the year it was probably my most anticipated movie. I missed a screening not to long ago which angered me, but hopefully soon. If everything I've heard is true, Jesse may have some competition for the #1 spot on my top 10. we'll see though.

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