Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Viva-Radio's 77 Boadrum {Defintive} Video

Since we can't get a DVD of Boredoms' already legendary 77 member drum circle show - performed in New York City on 7/07/07 - then thank god for Viva-Radio and their fantastic look at the event, which includes quick clip introduction interviews with nearly all 77 drummers (which included members of Lightning Bolt, Oneida, Gang Gang Dance, Excepter, Blood on the Wall, Man Man/Icy Demons, Unwound, Enon, Negative Approach, Sunburned Hand of the Man, No Neck Blues Band, Aa, Soft Circle to name just a few). There is also a corresponding interview with eYe himself. It beats the heck out of those youtube videos I posted a while back. A word of advice: at the 8:50 mark, duck and cover....

There seems to be a slight problem embedding the videos. If you can't play them, click here

Viva-Radio's 77 Boadrum {Defintive} Video

eYe Interview

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