Thursday, September 20, 2007

Spin Interviews Thurston Moore

If you would have told me last year that Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore would release an acoustic album in the near future, I would have slapped you silly and bet you thousands that it would never happen. Well too bad for you, cause you'd be a rich man or woman right now, as Moore's new solo album Trees Outside the Academy is based almost exclusively around the acoustic guitar. And you know what? It doesn't suck. Actually it is quite good. Spin interviewed Moore in their most recent issue. Here's an excerpt:

"You've been playing loud electric music for over 25 years. Maybe you're picking up acoustic guitar because your ears are ringing?

Not so much because my ears are ringing, but maybe because it's as extreme as doing the very loud thing. And doing it with similar intent: The idea of making really quiet music became something really radical. I like that it's considered extreme to play acoustic guitar."
Read the whole interview here

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