Monday, September 10, 2007

Playlist #3

Welcome to the third installment in Stereo Sanctity's ongoing playlist series. Below you will find descriptions of the 15 songs that I've included this time. Just click the big play arrow over there in the side bar to hear all 15 songs in full.

Lisa Germano - From a Shell: The shimmering centerpiece from Germano's recently reissued masterpiece Lullaby for Liquid Pig.

No Age - Loosen This Job: This lo-fo LA avant-punk band just released a great compilation of their recent work called Weirdo Rippers. These tunes were previously only available on 12" vinyl.

AIDS Wolf - We Multiply: It owes a huge debt to Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, but "We Multiply" is still one of the decades best noise-rock tracks, brought to you by cult favorites (and perennial favorites of mothers nationwide), AIDS Wolf. From Lovvers.

A Place to Bury Strangers - Ocean: I've already mentioned these 3 shoegazers before, but it bears repeating: shield you ears, "New York's Loudest band" is out for blood.

The For Carnation - Salo: Brian McMahon's underrated post-Slint outfit The For Carnation got the long awaited reissue treatment earlier this year, when Touch & Go package the band's two EP's together under the name Promised Works. "Salo" is the creeping, crawling centerpiece from Marshmallows.

John Zorn - Speedball: Out-rock's longest running provocateur gets help in the form of the maniacal screams of Boredom's singer Yamatsuka Eye. The result was one of the 80s best records (Naked City), as well as the beginning of Zorn's most beloved project, which he named after this record.

Los Campesinnos! - Frontwards (Pavement Cover): It's not often that a cover can impress me, let alone a cover of the quite possibly the quintessential Pavement song. From debut EP Sticking Fingers into Sockets.

Animal Collective - Whaddit I Done: On the eve of the release of the newest (and best??) AC record, Strawberry Jam, I present you with the avant poppers' warped strumming mind melt "Whaddit I Done?", from their modern classic Sung Tongs.

Neutral Milk Hotel - Song Against Sex: For those of you who think that In the Aeroplane was just the greatest fluke in the history of pop music, I encourage you to play close attention to "Song Against Sex", one of the first inklings that Jeff Magnum was perhaps this generations greatest musical poet. From On Avery Island.

Enon - Natural Disasters: Enon return later this year with their crazy anticipated new record Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds. Here is "Natural Disasters", one of many amazing songs from High Society.

The Flaming Lips - The Spiderbite Song: I have been listening to the Lips a lot lately, mainly because of their fantastic concert film UFOs at the Zoo, but any excuse to revisit the Lips is a good one as far as I am concerned. From The Soft Bulletin.

Orange Juice - Wan Light: Glasgow-based cult favorites Orange Juice got a handful of their seminal work ressisued a couple years back. "Wan Light" can know be found on the resulting compilation, The Glasgow School.

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Dial Up: Ted Leo at his creative and melodic peak. A slice of pop-punk heaven from one of the decades best records, The Tyranny of Distance.

Menomena - Monkey's Back: The closing song from Menomena's great debut record I Am the Fun Blame Monster. Their new record Friend & Foe is one of this year's strongest releases.

Deerhunter - Providence: They lost a key piece, but based on past successes like "Providence", Deerhunter have little to worry about. From Cryptograms.

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