Tuesday, September 18, 2007

DVD Review - Death Proof (*)

Please note that the above rating in no way reflects my feelings toward Death Proof or Grindhouse as a total experience. To read my original 4 1/2 star review of Grindhouse, click here.

Dear Bob and Harvey Weinstein,

Why oh why would you do this??? Why would split up Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's hilarious, over-the-top B-movie double feature Grindhouse into two separate DVD releases??? I know that Grindhouse was a relative flop at the box office, but you had to have known that a movie like this would exclusively attract all the Tarantino fan boys and probably, more or less, confuse everyone else. You had to have known Grindhouse was always a film that would sell better on DVD, which (probably better than anything else) explains your blatant cash-grab with the separate DVD releases for both Death Proof and Planet Terror. But c'mon, we're reasonable fan-boys, why not have a third release with the actual theatrical version of Grindhouse in all it's blood-splattered glory, in addition to these two DVDs? Don't get us wrong, we appreciate the special features you have included on Death Proof, but what's more important? Some cast interviews? Or maintaining the integrity of what is still the best film of 2007? And lest I forget the most unforgivable causality of this whole ordeal: the faux-trailers that were included before and between the two feature films, that (and I know I can't be the alone here) are probably the best and most entertaining parts of the Grindhouse experience. Excising these trailers is inexplicable. They are not even included as special features. What gives??? But I am a patient man. I can wait another few months for the inevitable release of the entire Grindhouse theatrical film on DVD. In the meantime, I am hope you are happy with your money. God knows you aren't getting mine.

Yours Truly,

Stereo Sanctity

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zachhcaz said...

lol great review. my thoughts exactly. i'm boycotting both the death proof and planet terror dvds.