Saturday, August 18, 2007

Playlist #1

I technically started this last week, but I didn't really have time to breakdown the actual songs, which I plan on doing with each playlist, for the sole purpose of establishing some context if you've never heard the artist or band. No theme this week per say, just tons of great tunes. You'll find the player right over there in the side bar, just click the play button and go about your business.

Laurie Anderson - "Big Science": The title track from experimental sound artist Laurie Anderson's recently reissued classic Big Science.

Frog Eyes - "Bushels": The unhinged 9 minute centerpiece from Frog Eyes' masterful new record Tears of the Valedictorian.

Animal Collective - "Infant Dressing Table": Experimental audio collage from avant pop savants Animal Collective. Originally from 2003s breakthrough Here Comes the Indian.

Seefeel - "Polyfusion": Ambient techno track from electronic/post-rock pioneers Seefeel. From Quiqui: Redux Edition, finally reissued earlier this year.

Bjork - "Declare Independence": One of the few salvageable tracks from this years disappointing Volta. It also happens to be one the year's best songs though.

Sleater-Kinney - "Oh!": I never got a chance to pay tribute to the sadly departed indie rock mainstays Sleater Kinney last year. So now I offer you this, one of the strongest tracks off their darn near perfect record One Beat.

Sebadoh - "Scars, Four Eyes": Recently reformed with the original lineup, Sebadoh have experienced a mini revival of sorts with last year's reissue of their stone cold classic record III (from where this song is taken). Their debut record The Freed Man was reissued this year as well.

Big Black - "Jordan Minnesota": Figured I get this outta the way. In case you were wondering where I got my "internet" name from. The song itself deals with a child molestation ring broken up in Minnesota in the early 80s. Lovely, right?

The Fall - "Spoilt Victorian Child": The Fall are a band that rotates as one of my answers when someone asks me who my favorite band is. This is one of their best songs, taken from their towering masterpiece This Nations Saving Grace.

Charalambides - "Stroke": Lengthy mind trip from the experimental psych-folk act. From their disorienting epic Joy Shapes.

Fugazi - "Bed for the Scraping": Somehow no Fugazi record made our Top 25 Albums of the 90s list (not for lack of trying though: 4 different records received votes). I'll right that wrong right now: "Bed for the Scraping" is the ferocious 2nd track off their classic record Red Medicine.

The Mountain Goats - "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton": What, you need further recommendation outside of that title? From All Hail West Texas.

The Exploding Hearts - "I'm a Pretender": Just one of the many anthemic tracks from the deeply missed pop-punk revivalists. Taken from Guitar Romantic, still one of the decades best records. RIP

The Books - "Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again": The laptop-folk sound sculptors craft yet another evocative mood piece.The opening track from their cult classic Thought for Food.

The Fiery Furnaces - "Quay Cur": The mountainous ten minute opener from Blueberry Boat, one of the decades most divisive records. Still the peak moment for the Furnaces I think.

And that's that. Enjoy.

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