Sunday, August 12, 2007

Apparat - Fractales Pt. 1

Sascha Ring, electronic mastermind behind the Apparat project just released a solid new record entitled Walls. The record combines his usual techno trickery with a series of pop minded vocal tracks that aren't quite as strong as the purely electronic instrumental tracks, but the record is a nice surprise nonetheless. Smack dab in the middle of the record though is "Fractales Pt.1 & Pt. 2", which together make up one of the better electronic pieces I've heard all year. Unfortunately I am unable to find a stream of Part 2 right now (which if this were a Nike Original Run Mix, could be classified as the cool down after Pt.1's tempo rising heat up), but Pt.1 is proof enough of this man's talents. And in terms of this year's electronic songs divided into separate parts, "Fractales" is right up there with Justice's "Phantom Pt.1 & 2", if that means anything at all. You decide.

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BIGtime said...

Round One Winner = Justice