Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is Is

Finally something to cleanse the palette after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs horribly disappointing soft rock (for them at least) disaster Show Your Bones. THIS is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs that I know and love; the band that dropped the still insane Fever to Tell LP a few years back, and the band that got grouped in with such neo no-wave bands as Liars, Black Dice and ARE Weapons in 2004s no wave documentary Kill Yr Idols. Show Your Bones sounded like Karen O had a muzzle on half the time, and Nick Zinner seemed to have his hands tied behind his back. They are both back on the Is Is EP though - Karen O squealing all freakishly over the top of Zinner's electric maelstrom. Unfortunately though, these are just older songs that have been newly recorded, so it doesn't necessarily give any hints about where the band may be heading. Hopefully they will pay attention to the notices this EP receives. But either way, I am no longer salivating for a follow up to Fever to Tell. You be the judge though; here is the entire EP presented in greenish blue music videos.

Rockers to Swallow

Down Boy

Kiss Kiss



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