Monday, July 30, 2007

DVD Review - The Monster Squad (****)

The 1987 cult classic The Monster Squad finally bowed on DVD last week after years of petitioning from the film's legions of fans. And let me tell you something, it was worth the wait. The DVD arrives in a packed 2 disc edition with hours of special features, including a 5 part making-of doc and two commentary tracks featuring director Fred Dekker and a majority of the cast and crew. There is also tons of promotional material and deleted scenes.

There really aren't too many movies quite like The Monster Squad, even in the realm of the cult. The closest comparison I can make is The Lost Boys, although that still isn't quite right. As opposed to a lot of camp classics though, The Monster Squad is actually well made, with fantastic makeup effects and classic monster design by Stan Winston. And seeing it now in 2007 makes it all the more clear how little that modern movies can get away with. This is clearly a kids movie, but there is a surprising about of bad language (my favorite being when Dracula tells the 5 year old heroine to "give me the amulet you bitch!"....or wait, when the guy from the Wonder Years calls Fat Kid Horace a "faggot", I can't decide) and twisted content, which is why I guess it still appeals to the older generation who grew up on it. Either way, this is a classic and another item to check off your "movies that must be released on DVD or I will kill myself" list.

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Anonymous said...

i like that you have a review of monster squad in between memorials of bergman and antonioni.

monster squad = best movie ever