Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Baumbach and Howard Spawn "Children"

Can it be? According to Variety, the all of a sudden quite prolific Noah Baumbach is readying his adaptation of "The Emperor's Children", which is all set to be directed by Ron Howard. Now, I'm not the biggest Howard fan, but anything Baumbach touches has the chance to be great. He's already got the highly (and I mean HIGHLY) anticipated "Margot at the Wedding" dropping this fall, and now his 2008 slate looks nice & full. In the words of Variety, Baumbach has (understatement of the year) previously "shown an affinity for writing about the East Coast elite". In other words, he is the guy who has written & directed two of the best films I've ever seen. If anyone could bring Howard to the hipsters, it is certainly Baumbach.

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