Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blade Runner/Kubrick DVD Annoucements

DVD Active has broken the news on some of the most sought after new editions of a number of classic films in the last couple days. First, we have the long awaited Blade Runner: The Final Cut, which comes in 2 Disc Special Edition, a 4 Disc Collector's Edition and a 5 (!) Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition. The 2 Disc Special Edition contains the "Final Cut" of the film hand assembled by Ridley Scott himself (who provides an audio commentary track), along with a number of special features on disc 2. The 4 Disc Edition contains all that in addition to the 3 other versions of the film that are floating around (the theatrical version, the 1983 International Version and the 1992 Director's Cut), and a 4th disc of even more special features. Then there is the 5 disc edition, which comes packaged in a Rick Dekkard replica briefcase, and includes all the aforementioned features as well as the rare work print version of the film, augmented by a commentary track by Paul Sammon. Pheewww! Looks like my "Best DVDs of '07" list just got longer. Check out all the specs here.

And it seems that Stanley Kubrick is finally getting the reissue/remastered treatment for all of his Warner Brothers pictures. The best of the best (2001, Clockwork, The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket) will be packaged together in a box set, rounded out by the classic documentary Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures. Special features have yet to be announced. All the info is here.

There also seems to be some info on new editions of Close Encounters and Chinatown.
Awesome cover art on all these. Check a few of the Kubrick ones here. Here are the BR covers courtesy of The Digital Bits:

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