Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Only in New York and only Boredoms could do something as insane as host a 2 hour, 77 member drum circle on 7/7/07. Conducted by the visionary eYe, the performance is at once ethereal and intense, but never once seems out-of-control. In fact, the piece sounds a lot like late 90s Boredoms, particularly Vision Creation Newsun. I have been sifting through the Youtube footage and this is the best stuff I could find. It'll have to do, at least until that proposed DVD sees like the light of day. Actually, I am jonesing for a CD version of the performance. It would probably be amongst the best records of the year. Free your mind....

Kid Millions (Oneida)

After a minute wait, some very good footage

Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt) going nuts!


There is some weird editing in this one, but there is good footage of eYe conducting and banging those rigged up guitar necks

This looks a lot like the piece sounds

A nice view from the audience. Extended footage/good audio with eYe chanting & conducting

More Kid Millions

Hisham Barrocha (Soft Circle, ex-Black Dice) seemingly by himself, although there is certainly other music accompanying him

Cymbal Wash

A chick on stilts

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