Sunday, June 10, 2007

WTF, Henry Rollins on TSH?

So I'm walking by a television set in my house yesterday, and what do I see? Henry "the neck" Rollins being fed ridiculous questions by the That's So Hollywood hosts. In between plugging his radio and television shows, he informs them that mainstream radio sucks and that Deerhoof (!) is his favorite band at the moment, only to received blank stares in return. So at least something good came out of it.

And if you don't know who Henry Rollins is, this should give you a pretty good idea:


JBK said...

Hi, wanted to alert you to something very cool that Henry Rollins is doing. He's offering a chance to sound off on an issue for a national audience -- and one person he personally chooses will be flown to LA to host the “Henry Rollins Show” marathon on IFC (Independent Film Channel).

Rollins is inviting you to tape a short video “rant” and the person who does the one he chooses will be flown to L.A., meet Henry and host the upcoming “Rollins Show” Marathon.

Just go to and record and upload a 30-second video “rant” on one of the 11 hot topics Henry has selected (including abortion rights, has the Iraq war made us safer? Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina, is America a dumb country? global warming, etc.)

All entries will be watched by, and the winner chosen solely by, Henry. He encourages anyone to enter, no matter their political persuasion - his only requirement: have “passion and attitude!”

Not a bad opportunity. And a chance to sound off on some issues.

Henry explains it all, and upload your “rant” at:

Isaiah Barney said...

hahaha that was the funniest thing I have seen in a while