Thursday, June 7, 2007

Excellent Italian Greyhound

They're baaaaaaaaack!

7 years after 1000 Hurts - a period littered with countless post-punk throwbacks and dance rock revivalists - the mighty Shellac have returned to obliterate every lame "indie" band-of-the-month with their ground shaking, earth quaking noise rock. However, I have gotten to the point where I have come to the realization that the group will never release another album as consistently intense as At Action Park. Both Terraforms and 1000 Hurts had scattered filler, and Excellent Italian Greyhound is no different. But when Steve Albini, Tod Trainer and Bob Weston lock into that groove, there is not a band on the planet that can match up. EIGH has classic Shellac mindflayers like "Steady As She Goes", "Paco" & "Spoke", but also sees the band stretching out further into their tension-and-release style with "The End of Radio" and "Genuine Lullabelle" (the former more successfully than the latter). It is all undeniably Shellac though. It is good to have them back.

On a side note, Touch & Go have been steadily releasing footage/interviews with all the bands that performed at last year's Touch & Go 25 Festival, finally putting up Shellac's a few weeks back. They play "The End of Radio" and the untouchable "Watch Song". Check it out here. Oh and what the heck, watch Scratch Acid's as well. David Yow totally annihilates "Mess" and the twisted rape screed "Lay Screaming". Insane.

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