Saturday, April 7, 2007

Live - Dean & Britta @ The Getty Musuem 4/6/07

Dean Wareham is on a very short list of my absolute idols (somewhere around Thurston Moore, Ian Mackaye, Steve Albini and eYe), so it was quite the treat to see his new project take the stage at the Getty. As the frontman for Galaxie 500 and Luna, he carved himself a niche as one of the progenitors of the dream pop movement. But Luna broke up a couple years back and from the ashes has risen Dean & Britta, a collaboration between Wareham and his wife and former Luna bassist Britta Phillips. It was a very professional evening, with probably 80% of the Getty regulars not aware that they were in the presence of a legend. A few of us did though, and whenever they broke in to a Luna classic there was a small round of applause. Not surprisingly they played "Moon Palace", Wareham's personal favorite Luna song, as well as ending their encore with a beautiful rendition of "Bewitched". No G500 songs though, which broke my heart. And unfortunately no photography was allowed in the concert hall, so these pics you see are from their show in Atlanta, GA a couple weeks back. I also have included a video of Dean & Britta performing the Trogg's classic "Our Love Will Still Be There", which they also played the night I went. So even though none of these pics or videos are originals, it'll give you an good idea of how the night unfolded.

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