Sunday, March 25, 2007


It's kinda old news now, but if you don't know, I am now the film critic at I will still be posting my normal quick synopsis/rating for most films I see here on my blog, as well as linking the post to my full review at BOOMj. I'm also the music critic, but since it's a site geared toward older people, that unfortunately means no Xiu Xiu or Boris reviews. The site is still somewhat under construction, but you can check out the few reviews I have done so far by clicking the link below (bear with it if things aren't working properly). Many more will be coming though, don't worry.


BOOMj Film Reviews


Isaiah Barney said...
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Jordan Cronk said...

alright, don't follow those links. the site is still going up as we speak. things are gonna keep changing. you don't have to sign up. just go to boomj and click on film reviews.

Jordan Cronk said...

actually i just looked, that doesn't even work. just click around a bit and you will find your way to the movie page. but dont look at me, take this up with cory.

Anonymous said...

patience is a virtue... the Cronk's time will come