Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spirit Award Winnners & Reaction

Things went according to plan at the Spirit Awards this afternoon. I only missed 2 prediction and that was Francis McDormand for Supporting Actress and Road to Guantanamo for Best Documentary. Little Miss Sunshine and Half Nelson swept up everything as expected. 2 great, unexpected things happened though - First was the wonderful tribute to Robert Altman, which included a clip show and reminiscing from former collaborators Elliot Gould and Sally Kellerman. Beginning next year there will be a Robert Altman Award for outstanding cast in a motion picture and I can't think of a more worthy name to attach to that award. Second was the Special Distinction Award given to David Lynch and Laura Dern in honor of their 3 unique collaborations in Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and last year's Inland Empire. Dern speech was particularly inspiring. So all in all not a bad afternoon. Tomorrow is the big day though.

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Jon cocksucker said...

i love it
pan's labrynth, departed, little miss sunshine.
i didnt watch cause i hate awards shows hosts and pretty much everything except the artists they are honoring, BUT this was a good one