Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oscar Eve...

Well, tomorrow is the day we Oscar watchers wait all year for, which means it's all down hill until the season winds-up again next fall. It may just be Oscar Eve jitters, but I am losing confidence in my Babel for Best Picture prediction. I am getting this huge Letters from Iwo Jima rush, and feel that it may have the inside edge. I still think it's anyones game, but Letters seems like the perfect Academy movie. Babel is just so divisive that I'm not sure it can pull through. I still don't buy The Departed as the front runner, but they may choose to award Scorsese everything tomorrow. And Little Miss Sunshine is still the only film that there is nearly across the board love for. Will it's lack of a directing nomination really hurt it? Not much I think. If I had another week before I put money down, I may have gone with Letters.

On the acting side of things, I know there will be an upset, most likely in the Supporting Actor category, where Alan Arkin will more than likely conquer. I took Eddie Murphy because of the way my Oscar pool is set up, most people took Murphy. And since I already took the upset with Babel, I couldn't risk a second miss with Arkin. This way I salvage a tie. And I can't help but wonder if the urge to check off Peter O'Toole's name will be too much for Oscar voters to handle. I mean, does this line-up sound too far outside the realm of possibility?

Best Picture: Letters from Iwo Jima

Best Director: Martin Scorsese - The Departed
Best Actor: Peter O'Toole - Venus
Best Actress: Helen Mirren - The Queen
Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin - Little Miss Sunshine
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson - Dreamgirls

I don't think it does. All i know is that whatever wins Best Picture I will be happy with, since this is the first time since I can remember that I really like all 5 nominees. The acting categories on the other hand I could care less about, since my preference in all 4 categories don't have a shot in hell. I'll be back with my analysis on the awards tomorrow night.

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