Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Live - Sebadoh @ The Detroit Bar 2/27/07

Of all the bands that I thought would never get back together, the classic Barlow-Gaffney-Loewenstein version of Sebadoh would have been towards the top of the list. That all came to an end last night though, when the 3 got together for a loose hour and a half jam out, the 2nd show on their first tour in 14 years. They played songs from every Sebadoh incarnation though, splitting roughly between half of the classic lineup and half of the post-Gaffney era songs. All 3 members took nearly equal time on the mic, all while splitting time between each other's instruments. Lou tore through versions of "Soul & Fire", "The Freed Pig" and "Two Years Two Days", while Eric totally slayed "Scars, Four Eyes" and "Elxir is Zog". Jason even came through big on two of his best contributions to the band, "Happily Divided" and "Sixteen". They ended it appropriately, with an anthemic rendition of "Gimme Indie Rock". The whole night was a fantastic disaster.

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Mark Hughes said...

Sebadoh was a great live band. I think the most amazing thing was that they all played multiple instruments and all sang lead vocals. Another great choice by JC.